Friday, November 30, 2007

"Dirty" up on Asthmatic Kitty

So, friday has rolled around again and I have a new photo up next to my favorite musician, Rafter. This photo was done very last minute. I had been distracted and until I finally realized that it was time for me to turn a new photograph in. eek! So many different ideas came into my mind for this weeks theme, but the main thought was always to do something that was gross. It has always been a goal for me to create photographs that are visually pleasing, but are made from things that most would not immediately think of as such. Kinda like one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. So, in turn, this is what came out.

Check out Rafter's song and my photo on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photo of the Week "Plastic"

EEK! I totally forgot to post up last weeks photo. Sorry dudes! The theme was plastic. I feel that the photo kinda speaks for itself and I don't think that it needs much explanation. I think that it fits Rafter's song even though I made this before his song was ever made...kinda eerie, but cool.

Go check out Rafter's song and my photo at the Asthmatic Kitty Records site!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Anthropomorphic Week 7 Photo of the Week

So, it is Friday and that means a new photo on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site! I really like this photo and it is one of my favorites because it displays various design elements that I feel are representational of what my work is about. I also really like the song that Rafter did for this weeks theme...

Go check it out at the Asthmatic Kitty Records site!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Fuzz" now up on Asthmatic Kitty

Hey Everyone,
So, I wrote before about my one a day project and the current one just went up on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site. This photo is themed "fuzz" and the word for the day was chosen by Rafter. I tried to think up ideas that made me think of the word fuzz. I thought of textures and sounds, so I looked all over my house and through my props and found two textures that I thought really represented fuzz and the flies made me feel like the sound that they make was a good representation of the sound. So, all in all a really fuzzy photo. I think that I was also inspired by all the Christmas decorations I have seen up in all the stores...although that does not remind me of fuzzy.

Go check out my photo and Rafter's corresponding song on Asthmatic Kitty Records!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Photos are available

For purchase. I have decided to make the photos that I have been working on for my now one a week project available for purchase. I also have three photos that should be coming out this week on a couple of blogs and of course the Asthmatic Kitty Records site...probably tomorrow. I have not updated the purchase page, so if you are interested, send me an email at Thanks!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Accident" on Fader Music

My photograph for "Accident" was accidentally rotated in orientation on this site. The version on my site is the way that this should be viewed. This photograph was shot right around Halloween, so I was really in the Halloween mood. My immediate reaction when I hear the word "Accident" is a car crash. So, I decided to recreate one for this weeks theme. Luckily, I have a source which can supply me with a wide array of toy cars.

Here is the link to The Fader.

"Magic" on You Aint No Picasso Blog

So, the second music blog that my photo project has been a part of. It is really awesome to see that my photos are making it out to some totally awesome blogs!

For this photo I made a list of ideas that I thought represented the word "Magic". I just kept thinking of shiny and glitter, so shiny and glitter is what came out that day.

Here is the link to You Aint No Picasso.

My "Monsters" Photo on Gorilla vs Bear Blog

Since working on this now weekly photo/song project with Rafter I have felt more productive than I have in a really long time. I am excited to announce that our project is now on some very awesome music blogs. Super exciting!!! This is the photograph that I did for Monsters. I am really happy about this photograph because I feel like it came out exactly the way I pictured. I usually come up with ideas, but they change at the last minute, but not very much with this photograph. It is just supposed to be creepy and fun.

Here is the link to Gorilla vs Bear.



While shooting the photograph for Texture I wanted to make several layers of texture and dimension in this photograph. I really felt like this photo was a good representation of my abstract work, but my good friend Rulian insists that this photo is of snakes. I will take his word for it.


Also, check out this photo and Rafter's Texture song on Asthmatic Kitty Records.


Sweat (Lots of it!)

I went out dancing the day the theme was Sweat. I went with a few friends and my boyfriend. I wanted to do something a little more spontaneous than the photographs that I had been making. I was not sure what I was going to get, but I sure was excited to see! At one point, during the dancing, I saw a girl that was dancing on a riser bend forward, so I quickly pulled out my camera to take a photo. My friend, Nicole Shibata, was unaware of the girl in the background and simply made this face out of pure coincidence. I am convinced it was fate.

Also, check out this photo and Rafter's Sweat song on Asthmatic Kitty Records.


Leftovers was inspired by props that I had used for other photo shoots of this project. I took things I had and put them all into a zip lock sandwich bag. I thought it would be a fun touch. If you look closely you can tell that the objects are in the baggy. I also shot it in my kitchen...just to add to the fun theme of the day.

Also, you can check this photo out on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site along with Rafter's song for Leftovers.


This is the second photo of the one a day project. I tried to make the photograph for noise at the same time that I made the one for Paper. I was having a hard time with both of them. I shot paper first and then I decided to go to sleep and work on the one for noise the next day. In the morning it came to me and I shot this photo of a t.v. that I collected at a parking lot with my brother, Erik. I had been driving around with this t.v. in my car for about a month and then the idea to use it finally came to me. I painted it and took this photo.

You can also check this photo out on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site along with Rafter's song. Go hear it!


First One-A-Day Photo: Paper

This is the first photo released for the one a day photo project. The photograph was made using all products made out of paper. I am really into birthdays and parties, so I thought it would be fitting to make this photo of things consisting of that theme. I shot this photograph really really late at night. I was feeling uninspired and having a hard time thinking creatively. Luckily, something finally hit me and the outcome was awesome. Hope you like it too!

This photo is also on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site along with Rafters song. Go hear it. I do a cameo playing drums all made out of paper!!!!

Photo-a-day Project

Hello Hello!!!

So, I started working on a art project with my boyfriend, Rafter Roberts. We both felt like we were in need of some kind of project or inspiration to get us working on making new art. I had been wanting to make more photographs, but had a bad case of procrastination. In September we came up with the idea of making one art piece every day. For Rafter it was songs and for me it was photographs. Every day we would come up with a word for the day and base our art on that word. It turned out to be really fun and super successful at getting me to think creatively again and to just beat that really bad case of procrastination. I have been so happy with the outcome and would like to share the work that I have done.

My photographs have been featured with Rafter's songs on his record labels site, Asthmatic Kitty Records, for the past month. Every friday a new song and photo are unveiled until early next year!! As if that was not enough, I also have photographs accompanying his songs on several music blogs, which also are put out weekly. I will post all the photographs on my News page too!

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