Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Shows to come!!! Hurrah!

k, so it has been a long break for me, but i am back and ready to update! so, i had been trying to get a show in los angeles for my One-a-day project and i found (through Rafter) a really awesome space. I am super duper excited and the show will be up in October!! Hurrah!! I am so so excited. I will post more details soon. Also, i have decided to finally update my website! hurrah to that too! My good friends David and Kyla built this site for me when I first decided to get a website. Now that i have newer photos i will be updating it. i am expecting to have it all ready and updated in a couple of weeks! eek. so rad. i have been dreaming of this day...sigh. Last but not least, i have also decided to get started working on my next series. I can't wait to tell everyone what it is, but i won't. i will wait until i have the first photo finished. i will say that i am going to collaborate with Rafter again and it should be super tubular!

1. One-a-day show in Los Angeles in October
2. Updating website soon
3. New series starting soon

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