Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christina Camero Make-up Artist

Christina asked me to photograph a model for her to add to her make-up portfolio. I shot this a few weeks ago and never put up the photo. Here is my favorite shot from that day. I have never had a model that sings Britney Spears songs while I photograph them....I like it. :)

Starting to use my News page!! Hooray!!

So, I have been working on a few projects and still have not posted anything on my news page. I have been delayed because I wanted to re-do my site before I started using this, but now I figure I may as well use it cause I have work that I would like to share and if I wait until I re-do the site...then nothing will ever be posted.

In conclusion, my Halloween resolution is to start using my site (and start the re-do process).

Hooray for being productive!


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