Monday, March 22, 2010


At Houston airport due to some awesome delays. I have a photo in my phone library of this poor stuffed animal dinosaur that committed suicide and was hung on a clothing line in someones backyard in Austin.
Somehow it completly conveys my feelings of being standed in Houston.
P.s. Just joking though, suicide is no joke...even for dinosaurs.

Texas thrift

Had the day off in Austin and made it to the Texas thrift store. Got some sweet new earrings for a photoshoot and took in the view:)

What brand names you ask?! I don't know

Awesome Tom Tom

I stumbled upon an awesome party at the very end of the sxsw music festival yesterday and was able to join in a very large all girl drumming improv band! I got to play with some awesome Japanese ladies from a sweet band called, Fai Wai? Hope I got that right:)
Sometimes I wish I had the natural fashion sensibilities of a Japanese girl...sigh...maybe some day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Past This week in New York

I did a lot of walking and saw some awesome shops and architecture. Most f my sight seeing was in green point, Williamsburg, east village, midtown, soho and a few other areas in manhattan/Brooklyn.
It has been an inspiring expierience

Sunny and lovely

Woke up this morning feeling fine and there's someone special on my mind...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So many things

wow oh wow! seriously!! i have been the busiest bee ever and I am so happy! I had a trip to new york and that was something and then after terrible delays I finally made it home in time to leave again and then back to play some shows. So, I have been dedicating more and more time to my one-woman band Smile Now Cry Later. I play drums and I sing! It is super fun and I am enjoying it tons. I came back to my town and played a show in the San Diego Museum of Art and then my birthday party show and then did an interview for San Diego Citybeat Magazine and a new photo for that and then did another show a couple of days later...phew! so much! then i have been gearing up and getting ready for my husband and I to leave to SxSw and i did some fun photos for him and his new remix cd cover art and a new t-shirt! wow!! So much! i also shot some new photos of myself for my band today and am about to leave in a day to SxSw! how very busy and exciting.

I am hoping to shoot more for my band and for a new art idea I have in the works...stay tuned:)

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