Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leap is second to last

I shot this photo in Sydney, Austraila.I saw this and was immediately drawn to it and new that I wanted it to be one of the photos for this project. Rafter picked the word of the day because of leap year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extras and the End is near

So, the project that I have been working on with rafter is almost coming to an end. We have two more to go until it is over. I am so happy rafter and I decided to do the project and feel like we both succeeded in the goals that we set out for ourselves. This week I wanted to put out two of the photos that were never released. One of them was for "fruit" and the other for "sleepy". I am sure that you will be able to guess which one belongs to each title.

Fruit was made on the same day as Sleep. They both were really spur of the moment ideas /creations. Fruit was inspired by all the famous neo-classical fruit still life's. I wanted to make a simple photograph with that inspiration mixed with my style. I was happy with the outcome, but no so happy that it was never used. Rafter's song for fruit was featured on Stereogum, go check it out!

Sleep was made with props that I had just gotten that day and items I already had. The idea for this photo came to me in my sleep. I wanted to make a funny quirky photo of what the feeling of sleep is like for me when I have a lot on my mind. I think that this photo turned out super duper. It is one of my favorites for sure.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Australia on Asthmatic Kitty!

So, I went on tour to Australia with my band, Still Flyin! It was amazing and totally rad. Our Australian record label, Lost and Lonesome, was so rad and everyone I met was super kind and generous. I spent most of my time in Melbourne, Australia...North Fitzroy to be exact. I walked a lot and took photos of the awesome graffiti art work and just of colors and shows and things that I thought were interesting. Since I was in Australia for two weeks I was unable to work on the photo project and so I sent a photo to Rafter from Australia of a nice composition for our project this week. It is fun to just be a tourist and get away from my usual perfectionism in the studio. Soon I will post some of my fav photos from the trip on the site.

Also, as always don't forget to go check out my photo and Rafter's song on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site!

"Flight" on Asthmatic Kitty

So, I have been a procrastinator and have neglected my site. eek. sorry to the three people who read this:). Anyway, This weeks theme was given to me by my good friend, Jennifer Chaidez. Jennifer left to study abroad in Italy and before leaving she requested if she could give me the word of the day. She suggested "flight". Rafter and I thought it was a really good word to use and therefore it was done. I shot this photo on my 27th birthday, feb, 16, 2008. Rafter took me on a hot air balloon ride. Something I have always wanted to do. It was amazing and the best surprise anyone has EVER given me. Anyway, so I took this photo while on board. If you have never been on a hot air it! I highly recommend it. Thanks again for the word Jennifer!


Also, don't forget to go check out the photo and Rafter's song on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site!

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